Gabby's World



Gabby's World (fka Ó, fka Eskimeaux) is the recording project of songwriter and producer Gabrielle Smith. Smith started using the moniker in 2007, releasing experimental and noise albums through 2010, and developing the sound over the years into the realm of more structured songwriting (2011's Two Mountains), EDM (2012's Eskimeaux), and more recently, as evident in her new album, O.K., beat-driven and poetic bedroom pop. Smith is a founding member of The Epoch, a Brooklyn-based songwriting and art collective.

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"An encouraging, comforting voice permeates O.K., Gabrielle Smith's second album in her solo project Eskimeaux. O.K. invites us to view the world through Smith's eyes, and somehow it feels as if Smith is lending her ear to you rather than the other way around." - Pitchfork

"In some respects this is what the music of Gabrielle Smith has always been about, but it’s never sounded quite so considered, quite so sincere, and quite so spectacular as it does on this, her brand new full-length. From the outset it feels mountainous, even in its most slight moments; the aural semblance of the world being a beautiful, frightening, magnificent place." - Gold Flake Paint

"You can tell that Gabrielle Smith’s one-woman band Eskimeaux belongs somewhere in the DIY matrix because there’s an instinctive intimacy to it. The lyrics read like the sort of poetry an incredibly smart and insightful high-school kid might write and then keep to herself forever even though it’s really good and the school literary magazine would’ve been happy to publish it." - Stereogum

"O.K. is about reality, the moment we live in and the people we share it with. It’s about the things we want and the things we wish for and the things we can’t control. It’s about doing the best you can and hoping it’s enough, about accepting and learning and growing so that whatever hand you’re dealt, you carve out some semblance of meaning and happiness to make everything worthwhile." - Various Small Flames


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