• Lomelda

    If you were to ask Hannah Read what Lomelda means, you'd probably end up with some kind of non-answer and a new topic. It is a guarded secret reserved for those who really pry. It is a high school attempt at describing something vast and powerful yet uniquely quiet and complex. And it is ever-changing. Lomelda is about memory, intimacy, and the tragedies of distance. As a band, it has appeared in several forms over the years, but always, to Hannah, Lomelda has been about discovering friendship and connection. Close collaborators have become closer friends. And when you see Lomelda, when you hear it, it is apparent that Hannah cares deeply about the connection made with the people on stage, the connection with you.

    Tour Dates


    Lomelda has joined the DDW Fam!

    Today we're so excited to announce that Lomelda will be joining the DDW family. :) The band has also announced today that they'll be joining Pinegrove and Florist on a US tour this fall (dates below). Keep an ear to the ground for new music from Lomelda in the coming weeks, and until then check out and enjoy this past release from the band -youtu.be/3Iw8kNyOJyU

    Hannah Read has written and performed as Lomelda for most of her musical life. The project has been her outlet from the slow, shaggy days in her east Texas hometown of Silsbee, through moves to Waco and Austin, and into her wandering present. Her music is textural and spacious. Her words are suggestive snapshots of loosely knitted observations, depicting quiet moments between friends and lovers and half-remembered celestial occurrences. In her songs, the memory of the past and glimpses of future stretch out on either side of you, and the present is unsteady and always shifting.

    *all dates with Pinegrove and Florist

    9/20 Burlington, VT @ ArtsRiot
    9/21 Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
    9/22 Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground
    9/23 Kalamazoo, MI @ Audiotree Music Festival
    9/24 Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop
    9/26 Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck
    9/27 Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street - OKC
    9/28 Houston, TX @ Walter's Downtown
    9/29 Austin, TX @ Barracuda
    9/30 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
    10/2 El Paso, TX @ The Perch at Tricky Falls
    10/3 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
    10/5 Los Angeles, CA @ EchoPlex
    10/6 San Diego, CA @ The Irenic
    10/7 Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room
    10/10 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst - Atrium
    10/11 San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
    10/12 Reno, NV @ The Holland Project
    10/14 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
    10/16 Iowa City, IA @ Gabe’s
    10/17 Sioux Falls, SD @ Total Drag Records
    10/18 Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
    10/19 Minneapolis, MN@ 7th St Entry
    10/20 Milwaukee, WI @ The Back Room @ Collectivo on Prospect