Florist - Holdly (Reissue)


A reissue of the 2015 Florist classic "Holdly" — available on vinyl for the first time ever with redesigned art and a screen printed B-side.

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"This album is the softest shade of folk rock, with each of the tracks fading into each other with sweeping poignancy. Save this one for a rainy coffee shop afternoon and let it make your heart heavy in a good way." - Slug Mag

"Florist’s music is light - the guitar is breezy and meandering, the drumming is slow and cool, the vocals are delicate. Despite this light tone, Sprague confronts heavy topics such as the anxieties and insecurity in love and mortality with calm and sweetness."- Post-Trash

  1. Vacation
  2. Cool and Refreshing
  3. Unholy Faces
  4. Remembering Spring 2013
  5. Holdly

First Press:
500 Black