Mirah "You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This" Reissue + Covers LP Out Now

The 20th Anniversary reissue of Mirah's album You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This is available everywhere now! The album is fully remastered and features a full cover album by a delightfully packed line-up of artists:

1. Million Miles - WHY? feat. Gabby's World
2. Sweepstakes Prize - Y La Bamba
3. Of Pressure - Mount Eerie
4. This Dance - Sad13 & Mal Blum
5. La Familia - Allison Crutchfield
6. Gone Sugaring - Madeline Kenney
7. Person Person - Maia Macdonald
8. Engine Heart - Lauren Ruth Ward
9. Archipelago - Hand Habits
10. 100 Knives - Flock of Dimes
11. Murphy Bed - Half Waif
12. Pollen - Shamir
13. Small Town - Palehound
14. Water and Sleep - Arthur Moon feat. Aviva Jaye
15. Telephone Wires - Night Shop & La Louma
16. Words Cannot Describe - The Blow

"To get to hear my songs performed by all of these amazing folks was like having a weird cool dream about my life 20 years ago, you know that way that dreams can feel both real and surreal at the same time? I love getting to float above myself and listen in on all of the brilliance that the musicians on the covers album gave to this project." —Mirah

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