Mirah Shares Remastered "Murphy Bed" and Ethereal Half Waif Cover

Half Waif by Tonje Thilesen

Mirah has shared a remastered version and Half Waif cover of "Murphy Bed," the latest from the recently announced 20th anniversary reissue of You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This.

Of the cover, Half Waif's Nandi Rose said: "It was a huge honor to record a cover for the legendary Mirah in celebration of this 20th anniversary reissue. I chose 'Murphy Bed' because I could immediately hear the chorus being reimagined as a more choral-focused arrangement. There's also something obviously sensual about this song lyrically, so I wanted to play that up with the slow backbeat and just have some fun with it. I'm really grateful to Mirah for her fearless songwriting, and I loved getting to interpret that with my own arrangement."


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