Gemma - 'Til We Lose The Feeling

Gemma have released their final single "Til We Lose The Feeling" and it's the most electrifying one yet. Felicia and Erik wrote a short essay about the track and the movement and catharsis it creates.

Felicia and Erik of Gemma wrote an essay for Talkhouse about the song:

“‘Til We Lose The Feeling” is my love song to New York: A celebration, a thank you for knocking me down and lifting me up day after day. I’m fascinated by how this city is romanticized on television and the big screen, and I wanted this song to reflect that magical instance of being whisked away in it. New Yorkers take so much pride in the hustle and people latch onto the idea of this intangible pulsating energy in the air. I grew up in Manhattan and one of my favorite things is to walk miles and miles without a destination. It’s nice to take it all in and feel the city breathe. —Felicia Douglass

“'Til We Lose the Feeling” has become an important part of the live Gemma show, functioning as the closing song of our set. After the standard six to seven songs of a typical New York show, it’s our last bid for some catharsis with the audience, or as Felicia puts it so well, to “find a way around what’s draining us.” And it almost always works, for me at least. —Erik Gundel

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Feeling's Not A Tempo is out May 31st, 2019!