Surprise! Lomelda "M for Empathy" Out Now!

1. Talk
2. Bust
3. Bunk
4. M for Magic
5. M for Mush
6. Tell
7. So Bad 1, Girl
8. Slide
9. So Bad 2, Care
10. M for Me
11. Watering

What is 'M for Empathy'?

My new album ’M for Empathy' is mostly things said or shoulda said.

Much of it, and it's just a lil of all that’s coming, came to me, or

outta me, outta a deepening silence. Something you can hear a lot of.

It made a way for me to say many things that were necessary to voice.

It also let me not say and just sing as much as I wanted, which is

important too. Making peace with the word in me, just a lil, all my


xo, Hannah

"M for Empathy" is available everywhere Friday, March 1st.

Listen on your preferred streaming service:

Tour Dates

3/1/2019 | Columbia, MO | True/False Film Festival

3/2/2019 | Columbia, MO | True/False Film Festival

3/3/2019 | Columbia, MO | True/False Film Festival

4/20/2019 | San Diego, CA | Irenic (w/ Big Thief)

5/5/2019 | Brooklyn, NY | Elsewhere (w/ Big Thief)