2nd Grade

Hit To Hit + T-shirt Bundle


This is a bundle of 2nd Grade's fantastic new album "Hit To Hit" on Easter Yellow vinyl or CD, and logo ringer t-shirt.

Logo by Jason Roy

  1. W-2
  2. Trigger Finger
  3. Velodrome
  4. Something I'll Have To Remember
  5. Baby's First Word
  6. 100 Hrs
  7. Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider
  8. Shooting From The Hip
  9. Over and Over
  10. Bye-bye Texas
  11. You're So Cool
  12. My Bike
  13. Sunkist
  14. Not in the Band
  15. Sucking the Thumb
  16. Boys In Heat
  17. Jazz Chorus
  18. Try to Be on My Side Now
  19. When You Were My Sharona
  20. Maybe I
  21. Summer Interlude
  22. Flavor of the Week
  23. Summer of Your Dreams
  24. Steven's