Free Cake For Every Creature

The Bluest Star + 'Tree' T-Shirt


This is a bundle of Free Cake For Every Creature's newest album, "The Bluest Star", on limited edition Cyan in Clear Vinyl, and "Tree" t-shirt printed on Light Yellow Comfort Colors tees :)

Free Cake For Every Creature is a soft pop band currently based in Philadelphia. Beginning in upstate New York in 2012 as the recording project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Katie Bennett, the band has since expanded to include a rotating cast of friends and musicians.

For the newest collection of songs, “The Bluest Star,” Katie, long-term band members Francis Lyons and Heeyoon Won, and many friends spent the second half of 2017 slowly recording tracks in various rooms in Katie and Francis’ apartment on a busy street in West Philly. While these songs are a return to Katie’s comfortable home-recording beginnings, they also lay the foundation for a growing project based on collaboration, experimentation, and intentional arrangements. With specificity and honesty, Bennett sings about friendship, love present & past, and the painful process of letting people out of her life.

  1. Riding Into The Sunset In A Busted Car
  2. Around You
  3. Whole World Girl
  4. Shake It Out
  5. Took A Walk
  6. Sideline Skyline
  7. Sunday Afternoon
  8. In Your Car
  9. Tom or Mike or Pat or
  10. Hometown Hero
  11. Christina's World
  12. Goodbye, Unsilently
  13. Be Home Soon
  14. Night Music