Free Cake For Every Creature

Pretty Good & Moving Songs


This is a deluxe cassette version of Free Cake For Every Creature's two classic albums, "Pretty Good" & "Moving Songs". 20 track cassette tape, includes digital download and new artwork :)

Bundle this cassette with the new Free Cake For Every Creature record, "The Bluest Star", and more!

  1. First Show Ever
  2. Can't Sleep, Still Daydream
  3. Tttttterrified
  4. It Sucks Hanging Out With You
  5. Don't Go Away ahumfp acgroomf
  6. Too Old To Be A Punk Rock Prodigy
  7. Melting In December
  8. Song About You
  9. Rains Even In Summer
  10. Just Stay The Same
  11. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and i feel fine)
  12. Take On Me
  13. So Much Strange To Give
  14. All You Gotta Be When You're 23
  15. The Day to Day
  16. Moo Moo Movin
  17. Common Girl
  18. The First Time I Hung Out With You
  19. Moving Song
  20. (I Can't Wait To) Walk Outside After It Rains