"Despite being steeped in fuzz and feedback, Taster offers songs that are warm and emotionally direct. With muddy, downtempo, guitar-driven instrumentals as a solid foundation, Hovvdy foregrounds simple but engaging melodies that have a melancholic, nostalgic feel." - Thrd Coast

"For all the time it spends under its own fogginess, there’s an almost surreal sense of beauty to the whole thing, the kind of detached sobriety that comes from staying up all night and seeing the next day quietly growing in to life while everyone else lies sleeping. "- Gold Flake Paint

Hovvdy's fantastic debut album "Taster", remastered and released on vinyl, CD, and Cassette out now via Double Double Whammy.

Coming from Austin Texas, Hovvdy is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The two of them, both primarily drummers, first met in the fall of 2014, and quickly bonded over ramen and a love for quiet music. Just a few weeks later, they had combined songs, and recorded their first ep in each others bedrooms and family homes across Texas. Encouraged by positive reactions to their songs on bandcamp, the two committed to each others growth in songwriting and recording, resulting in their 2016 debut album “Taster". The duo have found a unique identity in rhythmic, down-tempo pop songs, that are hopeful, yet melancholy; relatable, yet distinguishable.


First Pressing Vinyl:

300 Oxblood
700 Coke Bottle Clear