Gabby's World

Year Of The Rabbit


Eskimeaux's latest recording effort, a six-song mini album titled 'Year of the Rabbit,' is a collection of songs recorded live by songwriter, Gabrielle Smith and friends, Emily Sprague and Felix Walworth. The record is the first to showcase the sound of Eskimeaux's live band as its primary sonic touchstone, replacing the highly produced and overdubbed sound of Smith's earlier records with a more immediate, naturally produced sound. Coming April 15, 2016 on MP3, CD and Deluxe 84 page full color photo book (includes CD!) via DDW.

  1. Year Of The Rabbit
  2. WTF
  3. Power
  4. Drunk
  5. Bulldog
  6. Sleeping Bear

1st Pressing:
1000 Limited Deluxe CD Photo Books
2000 CDs
1500 LPs w/ etching
- 750 Double Mint
- 750 Cyan (available at record stores and Eskimeaux shows only)