Flashlight O

The Truman Sho


Flashlight O is Colin Alexander’s take on Funny, Fuzzy Pop music. Located in Baltimore, MD, the Flashlight O project was started in Winter 2013 as a solo venture while Alexander was apart from bandmates of previous project, the NJ/SUNY Purchase based Spook Houses. A 10-song full length cassette entitled "The Truman Sho" comes as Alexander’s Flashlight O debut and will be released by Double Double Whammy on June 3, 2014. The album pulls its musical influence from artists like Karl Blau & Calvin Johnson, constantly searching for “the perfect groove”. The songs hit home in just the right way, blibbling and babbling, crackle popping into your mind zone.

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  1. Wooden Flooring
  2. Happy Baby Pose
  3. Bird Shape In Carpet
  4. Holding
  5. Fuck World Peace
  6. Earth Mantle
  7. Thanksgiving
  8. Generous Gesture
  9. Cool Groove
  10. TV Time

First Pressing:
100 Cassettes

Second Pressing:
100 Cassettes