Florist "The Birds Outside Sang" is out today!

Florist's incredible full length debut, "The Birds Outside Sang" is out in stores and pre-orders are on their way. Below you will find a list of stores and digital retailers carrying the record, and of course its also available on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

Florist - "The Birds Outside Sang"

iTunes/Apple Music:
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DDW Store:

Available from your local record store and these retailers:

Alcione Music Entertainment
All Media Supply
Alliance Entertainment
Baker & Taylor
Bull Moose Music
Chaz’s Records
Culture Clash
Darkside Records & Gallery
Dearborn Music
Disc & Dat, Inc.
Euclid Records
Forever Young Records
Gregory R Halamay
Hastings Entertainment
Hollywood Amoeba
Independent Records
Lou’s Records
Luna Music
Lunchbox Records
Millennium Enterprises
Mojo Music Md
Moldy Toes
Newbury Comics.
Pure Pop For Now People
Rasputin Records Inc
Rolling Stone Corp
Rough Trade
Salzer’s Mercantile
Silver Platters
Sound Garden Inc
Stars End
Transcontinent Record Sale
Von’s Shops
Waterloo Records
West Canterbury