Lomelda "Hannah" Out Now

Lomelda's new full-length album Hannah is out today. Stream it anywhere or pick up a copy from your local record store!

"Hannah Read doesn't need much beyond a guitar and her mighty voice to craft songs that continue to leave an impression long after they've finished. 'Wonder,' evokes just what its title suggests, facing down the expanses of the unknown with wide-eyed determination."

"Offers encouragement in the face of uncertainty... The arrangement is straightforward-assertive drums, a medley of guitars-but Read imbues this foundation with emotion."

"Hannah feels warm and immensely comforting. It radiates light even in its darkest moments. At the center of all of these songs is Read's remarkable voice, which sounds swallowed up and wide open all at once."
-Stereogum (Album of the Week)

"Meditative and beautiful."

"Truly lovely and wondrous music... Hannah Read's songs as Lomelda are both tender and devastatingly cathartic."

"Hannah Read makes folk songs that have entire universes inside of them."

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