Welcoming Long Beard to DDW — Listen to "Sweetheart"

Long Beard has joined Double Double Whammy and will release an incredible full-length album Means To Me — Listen to the lead single "Sweetheart."

"Leslie Bear crafts wistful soft rock that sticks to your bones... 'Sweetheart' [is] a pensive dream of falling back in touch with someone who made an impact some time ago." —The FADER

Of the song, Leslie Bear says "'Sweetheart' is a nostalgic song that shifts between the distant past and the present. It's a letter to someone you've lost touch with from a long time ago, finding some small connection to their life with regards to yours- how the thought of them resurfaces every once in a while and how they may have shaped the person you've become while wondering if you've had a similar impact on them. It's a jangly/indie pop song reminiscent of the 90s with a chimey lead guitar that weaves in and out. It's written almost as a stream of consciousness with a heavy daydream mood."

Means To Me is available for pre-order now!

The limited edition "Bone in Clear" LP is limited to 300 copies.