Sean Henry

  • Sean Henry

    Sean Henry, of punk band High Pop, has retired his solo pretend pop star stage name, Boy Crush, signifying a new era for the artist. A self-proclaimed professional daydreamer, his most recent album, It's All About Me, was written and recorded this past year on a secluded farm outside of New York City post departure from SUNY Purchase and finished at subsequent brief residences at his grandmother's house, living in the basement; Double Double Whammy headquarters, where he shipped out records; and Brooklyn DIY art space, the Silent Barn.

    The sounds are a result of introverted adventure- something completely self-produced, a broken, jangly lo-fi pop aesthetic that combines many influences from muzak to new wave to some sort of indie.

    This 16 song album released by DDW on cassette documents an excitedly unstable period of time for Sean Henry, drenched with nostalgia, true friendship, travel, melancholic love, substance experimentation, paranoia, imperfection, a search for happiness, life and death.

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