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    Florist is, and began as the friendship project of Emily Sprague, Rick Spataro, and Jonnie Baker in Upstate, NY. The three started making weird sounds on synths and guitars together as a way to relate, and grew close. Felix Walworth joined as a drummer and collaborator when Emily moved to New York City and continued writing songs with the moniker.

    "The Birds Outside Sang" started being written as one result of a severe bicycle accident that Emily was involved in on Feb 11th, 2014. It began with Emily, still recovering, writing and recording in isolation, able to play keyboard only with one hand, sing, and bang on things. The second half of the album was recorded live by the whole band. It was a resurrection back into the friendships, loving support, and musical collaboration that first started Florist.

    "If Blue Could Be Happiness" is the second full length album from soft-synthesizer-folk band Florist. It is an observation of change; a full color memory album. It is both a goodbye to a past life and a declaration of great love to a new one. A long mourning song for the death of a mother, and a quiet celebration of the endless struggle that is being alive. Recorded by the band during May of 2017 in an Upstate New York schoolhouse very near to where songwriter Emily Sprague spent her childhood and where the band originated. The final track of the record, “Red Bird”, was written and recorded by Emily on the day before her mother died unexpectedly in March of 2017. The song remains in demo form on the album just as she had heard it.

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    Florist Announce Tour with Mutual Benefit

    Catch them performing songs off Holdly and The Birds Outside Sang as a three piece band.

    Florist "The Birds Outside Sang" is out today!

    Florist's incredible full length debut, "The Birds Outside Sang" is out in stores and pre-orders are on their way. Below you will find a list of stores and digital retailers carrying the record, and of course its also available on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

    Florist - "The Birds Outside Sang"

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    Available from your local record store and these retailers:

    Alcione Music Entertainment
    All Media Supply
    Alliance Entertainment
    Baker & Taylor
    Bull Moose Music
    Chaz’s Records
    Culture Clash
    Darkside Records & Gallery
    Dearborn Music
    Disc & Dat, Inc.
    Euclid Records
    Forever Young Records
    Gregory R Halamay
    Hastings Entertainment
    Hollywood Amoeba
    Independent Records
    Lou’s Records
    Luna Music
    Lunchbox Records
    Millennium Enterprises
    Mojo Music Md
    Moldy Toes
    Newbury Comics.
    Pure Pop For Now People
    Rasputin Records Inc
    Rolling Stone Corp
    Rough Trade
    Salzer’s Mercantile
    Silver Platters
    Sound Garden Inc
    Stars End
    Transcontinent Record Sale
    Von’s Shops
    Waterloo Records
    West Canterbury

    Florist Announce Album Release Show at Shea Stadium

    Florist will be celebrating the release of their wonderful full length debut, The Birds Outside Sang on January 30th at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. Joining them will be label friends, Vagabon, Long Beard and Yours Are The Only Ears. Tickets are available here.

    Stream the first two singles: